Offshore Development

Offshore development is about reducing the costs usually involved with software development operations by hiring highly specialized personnel located in a low-cost environment, such as India. Lower development costs imply a smaller price for your product, and a better position on the market for your company.

Graficali achieves a cost-effective solution by placing its operations into an economical environment that reduces dramatically the costs involved with the entire process. From this point of view, you can expect a savings level up to 70% of your regular cost.

In the end, you'll notice that by building your own offshore development center, you get access to a very valuable resource pool of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals, who are able to guarantee world-class quality of developments at a very affordable price. And when you'll discover the rest of the advantages, you'll find that setting up your own offshore development center can be a rewarding business and a pleasant experience at the same time.

If you're looking for an affordable, low-risk way to build and manage a sound, profitable business or an e-business to remain in the play but want to reduce your costs, look to Graficali.


Key benefits of software outsourcing:

Cost Efficiency:
Labor cost savings may reach 90% for routine low-level tasks as compared with in-house development in North America and Western Europe.
Significant reduction of development time and, thus, speed-to-market becomes invaluable advantage in a present-day competitive environment.

Availability of trained IT staff :
Immediate access to a large pool of best industry talents allows overcoming hiring gap for IT professionals in the developed countries.

Flexible manpower utilization:
By using outsourcing model company cuts down its housing, recruiting and training expenses.
Proven development process and quality management system.
Development risk minimization.

No up-front investments:
No up-front investments to the customers.

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