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The Company

Graficali, established in 1998, is in the business of Consulting for and providing IT based innovative and strategic solutions to Companies who want to move onto an IT platform, or are already on an IT platform and are looking forward to further enhancing their IT usage.

Our strong pointlies in our ability to provide simple and easily understandable solutions, which are not hidden under confused technological jargon, but speak in simple terms to our clients. Our focus is to attack your problem and provide a specific, cost effective solution.

Therefore, we have carved a niche for ourselves as consultants who have;
 the ability to understand you and your business
 the ability to help you in identifying the problem
 and finally the ability to help you achieve your goal.


Today IT solutions require a high amount of planning to choose the right technology and strategy, the right mix of technical team to implement your ideas and a time-bound plan to execute the project on time. Graficali has perfected itself in this exacting direction so as to leave you free to concentrate on your core business.


Our main focus is on offering back-office and front-office automation solutions that have high functionality customizability and span across multiple media.

We believe in focussing on our competencies with the aim: 
 To provide quality in our Services. 
 To provide a distinct competitive edge to the Customer. 
 To adopt time schedules set by the Customer. 
 To take the extra vital step to ensure Customer Satisfaction. 

We achieve this successfully with the dedication and hardwork of our team, which comprises of a unique combination of the technically qualified, the artistically talented and the enthusiastic computer programmers. Our knowledge spans across a wide range of platforms and applications and these are skillfully applied to our projects expertly and efficiently.

In this era, where almost all sections of business have become dependent on the net; eCommerce, eMarketing, eTrade, Touch Screen Kiosks ... are no longer hi-fi terms but are essential tools for Business Management and Marketing. We have perceived this and have realized that adapting ourselves to the fast paced technological changes in the IT sector is critical for us and for our clients.

Graficali has all the necessary expertise, technical and artistic, to give the Customer the right business tool.
Graficali, is a company driven by the principle of ‘Committed to Excellence’. Our biggest strength today, lies in our ability to efficiently and rapidly grasp your business requirements and help throw back a design that initially mimics your current business process, and then evolves it to utilize the power of the IT platform.

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  • Plot No. 2, Sheetala Darshan, L. J. Road,
    Mahim (W), Mumbai - 400 016
  • Tel: + 91 - 22 2445 2428
  • Mobile: + 91 - 9324812842
  • E-mail: helpdesk@graficali.com